Adorable Foot Tattoos That Are Easy to Cover ...


If you're dying for a tattoo, but want one that you can cover up when you need to, your foot is a great place to get your ink.

You can cover the tattoo with socks or a cute pair of shoes or wear something strappy to let it show.

Getting a tattoo is a big decision so make sure you know exactly what you want before you sit down in the chair.

Here's all the inspiration you need.

1. Feather Ankle Bracelet

Feather Ankle Bracelet
Via foot tattoos tumblr picture on

2. Little Flock of Birds

Little Flock of Birds
Via Ink

3. Go with a Cool Design

Go with a Cool Design
Via foot tattoo idea Tumblr

4. Peaceful Flowers

Peaceful Flowers
Via Colored Tiny Hearts Foot Tattoo

5. How about a Colorful Butterfly?

How about a Colorful Butterfly?
Via 35 Splendid Foot Butterfly Tattoos

6. Tiny Pattern

Tiny Pattern
Via 36 Splendid Small Tattoo Ideas

7. Point the Way

Point the Way
Via 50 Hot Summer Sandal Tattoos

8. Pretty Little Flower

Pretty Little Flower
Via Cutest Small Tattoo Ideas2

9. Adorable Little Bike Ride

Adorable Little Bike Ride
Via 100 Cute Small Tattoo Designs

10. Hearts Wearing a Crown

Hearts Wearing a Crown
Via Tiny Heart Tattoo On Foot

11. Musical Heart

Musical Heart
Via 30 Adorable Small Heart Tattoos

12. Itty Bitty Stars

Itty Bitty Stars
Via Unique Star Tattoos

13. Cute Little Anchor

Cute Little Anchor
Via foot Tattoologist Page 13

14. Spiral Design

Spiral Design
Via 25 Phenomenal Tiny Tattoos

15. Make a Wish

Make a Wish
Via 75 Hottest Birds Tattoos

16. Tiny Swimming Stingray

Tiny Swimming Stingray
Via Marvelous Stingray Tattoo Designs

17. A Rain Cloud is a Fun Idea

A Rain Cloud is a Fun Idea
Via 23 Cute Cloud Tattoo Designs

18. A Mountain Range

A Mountain Range
Via 25 Breathtaking Mountain Tattoos That

19. On the Back of Your Ankles

On the Back of Your Ankles
Via 60+ Ankle Tattoos for Women

20. Little Blue Lizard

Little Blue Lizard
Via (660 tattoos) Silly Lizard Tattoo

21. Friendly Elephant Friend

Friendly Elephant Friend
Via Tattoo blog

Which one is your favorite?

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