7 Bathroom Essentials Every Busy Woman Should Have ...


I never paid much attention to my bathroom essentials until I became a full-time working mother (to twins!) and housewife.

It's a crazy world out there that demands so much of your time and effort that more often than not, you spend so little time for yourself because you have to spend more hours for others.

The day starts in the bathroom for me, so I came up with these seven bathroom essentials every busy woman should have, hoping that I can share something out of this insane experience I call "daily life."2

1. Shower Gel/Bath Gel

Shower Gel/Bath Gel

One of my bathroom essentials is the shower gel (or the bath gel) because I don't use soap.

I go to shower gels and bath gels for comfort in my busy, hectic days because they are in liquid form and work wonders with water.

Plus they usually come in calming and soothing scents so I get extra uplifting whiffs every time I use them.

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