8 Best Beauty Books to Buy Right Now ...


In my opinion, these are definitely the best beauty books to own.

I already own most of them, and because I have heard such great things about the others, I actually went ahead and ordered them myself!

These books have everything you need to know, and cover everything from makeup tips, to hair, to skin care!

So without further ado, here are the 8 best beauty books to buy right now.

1. Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual by Bobby Brown

This is without a doubt one of the best beauty books out there.

Bobby Brown is a well-known makeup artist and has been in the business for years.

This book is full of fantastic tips and secrets for makeup application and her step-by-step formatting makes it easy to follow and understand.

I bought this as soon as it was released, and it is one of my absolute favorites to this day.

2. Lauren Conrad Beauty and Lauren Conrad Style by Lauren Conrad

Ok, there is definitely no denying that Lauren Conrad is a beauty and fashion genius (and therefore, one of my many idols).

I listed both of these books together because they are the dynamic duo of style.

Her beauty book makes trying different looks and styles easy.

It is loaded with tips for the everyday girl, and shares flawless techniques for applying makeup, taking care of your skin AND body!

Her style book helps you create your own looks while giving you helpful hints on fashion.

If you don’t own these books, I suggest you get them ASAP!

3. Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin

Although it was released in 1999, this book is still a great one to own.2

Kevyn Aucoin is another beauty guru who has many years of experience under his belt.

His book is divided into three parts: basic techniques, makeovers done on regular people, and transformations on celebrities.

He does a fantastic job of explaining the basics of makeup application and techniques, as well as how to use these fundamentals to create a wide range of different looks.

This one is especially helpful when it comes to smoky eyes and contouring.

Make-up Masterclass: Beauty Bible of Professional Techniques and Wearable Looks by Jemma Kidd
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