7 Best Chapsticks for Winter ...


The hardest part about Winter for me, is being able to make it outside without having dry, cracked, lips...

so I'm always looking for the best Chapsticks and lip balms!

The weather itself has a big role in making normally kissable lips totally untouchable!

I've gone above and beyond to find the best Chapsticks for those Winter woes!

1. Burt's Bees Original

Burt's Bees Original

Burt's Bees is my personal favorite brand of Chapstick!

With their wide variety of flavors, this brand never seems to disappoint when it comes to providing a smooth, moisturized finish on my lips!

The balm in the yellow tube contains coconut and sunflower oil that helps nourish, condition, and seal in hydration.

The formula also contains peppermint oil, which allows you to feel your lips tingle as it works in moisture.

You can also pick up the tinted lip balm for a touch of color.2

I highly recommend it;

it's definitely one of the best Chapsticks!

2. Vaseline


Vaseline never ceases to amaze me on the countless things you can do with it!2

This cute little pocket sized Vaseline can not only protect and moisturize those sensual lips, but, it also can be handy for soothing dry winter skin!

Talk about a two for one deal!

3. Carmex


Carmex made it to my top 3 because it's medicated!

I don't know about you but, sometimes during the Winter I am prone to getting Winter blisters and cold sores.


Carmex helps me not only moisturize and protect, it also helps prevent and treat those nasty little Weather fiends!

4. Eucerin


This Chapstick, just like Vaseline, has always done wonders on my lips!

The Eucerin/Aquaphor products are fantastic in many ways!

I personally enjoy the fact that this little gem helps reduce the redness around the lips for those dry, cracked moments!

Kudos Eucerin!

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