Common Body Issues πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸ» You Have No ⛔️ Reason to Be Embarrassed about 😞 ...


We know there’s a really great move happening around the world right now to the β€œbody positive” and getting the world, media and women themselves to accept we come in all shapes and sizes and are all beautiful in our own unique way. But, ask any women what they don’t like about their body and there’s probably not a single one that would answer β€œnothing” – agreed? Let’s examine some issues.

1. Do You Really Hate Your Boobs?

Men focus on boobs quite a bit. There are plenty of reasons why men are so fixated with breasts, but one of the most obvious (albeit sad) reasons is because they are right there in front of them, like a bone to a dog, ergo men have a strange affinity for breasts that seem to transcend mere sexual attraction. It doesn’t give a man the right to stare at them, and if a man does, then he is no better than a dog with a bone. However, their fixation must have transferred over to women because so many women are seemingly obsessed with their own boobs. Some women look at their boobs in the mirror to see if they are wonky, others wish they had more, while others wish they had less. Some worry that their nipples are too big, and others think they look too small. Women worry about sagging, the shape of their breasts, and if their nipples are the right color. If you worry about your breasts, you are not alone, but on the other hand, haven’t you got better things you could be devoting your time to? And if your man wishes you had more or less, if you’re satisfied and love your boobs, teach him to feel the same.

The Woes about Your Toes
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