4. Rough Elbows?

If your elbows, knees or heels are rough and cracked, there are several different products already in your home that you can use to help heal the skin.

Slathering the problem area with Vaseline, wrapping it in plastic wrap and leaving it on overnight works wonderfully.

If this sounds a little too messy for you, don’t worry, you can scale it down a bit.

What you need:

ΒΌ cup Brown Sugar

1/8 cup Olive Oil


**What to do:

**First, you will need to mix the brown sugar and olive oil together to form a paste.2

Scrub the affected region with the paste to remove the dead skin.

Then apply chapstick to the skin.

Yes, chapstick.

It works on dry, cracked lips and it works on the rest of your body too.

Stretch Marks?
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