8 Easy Steps to Natural Looking False Eyelashes ...


Want to add some drama to your eyes but don’t quite know how to get natural looking false lashes?

I totally understand your quandary!

Falsies can make you look hot or a hot mess!

However, even if you're a novice, there are lots of things you can do to make your eyelashes look both lush and natural!

Read on for 8 easy steps to natural looking false lashes that will have you rocking some lashes that rivals Kim Kardashian’s famous fringe!

1. Take a Look

The first step in getting natural looking false lashes is to look at your own eyelashes.

How do they look?

Are they short, sparse, long, thick, or average?

Depending on the look and condition of your natural eyelashes, you’ll want to get falsies that are somewhat similar to your own lashes in order to get that natural looking false lashes look.

2. You Better Shop around

The next step in how to get natural looking falsies is to head to the drugstore and look for a pair of lashes that are similar to your own set and has a relatively thin band.

You don’t want to get a pair of lashes that has too thick of a band because they need to be applied very close to the natural lashline in order for it to look natural, which can be difficult for newbies.

Don’t forget to pick up a tube of dark lash glue!2

3. Get Measured and Trim

Your next step in how to achieve the natural lash look is to carefully peel one lash strip off the packaging and measure it to your lashline.

Most likely the lashes you bought are too long for your eye so get some scissors and trim the outer edge of the strip.

If the lashes are too long for your liking, you can also trim the length.

The inner edge of the lashes contains some shorter lashes that help the falsies look more natural so avoid cutting the inner strip.

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