Essential Oils to Place on Your Nightstand ...


Women everywhere are turning more and more to essential oils for their hair and skincare. When we do we know we can guarantee they are completely natural and they are good for making our skin clearer and softer and our hair healthy and shiny. But there are so many oils it can be rather overwhelming knowing which ones to use and which might be best for your skin/hair type. I’ve picked out just 7 to introduce the power of essential oils to you.

1. Sweet Almond Oil for the Softest, Dewy Skin

Obtained from the kernels of the almond tree, this light oil works penetrates your skin and gives you smooth, silky skin in no time. As it is a humectant, it can trap moisture in your skin to make it look fresh and healthy. The presence of kaempferol and the plant flavonoids quercetin makes it a sunscreen for your sensitive skin. The next time you go out in the sun, be sure to apply a few drops of this oil on your skin to fight those harmful UV rays.

Argan Oil Will Work Magic on Your Hair
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