7 Foolproof Ways to Cover a Blemish ...


Blemishes can really put a damper on our day so I’ve been looking for ways to cover up a blemish and keep it covered. There are tons of beauty products out there that promise to hide our blemishes but there has to be a better way to hide our skin imperfections than arbitrarily applying makeup to conceal it! So, if you’re looking for some foolproof ways to cover up blemishes, continue reading below!

1. Ice Breaker

The first tip for covering a blemish is to ice it! If you have an angry zit that’s inflamed, apply some ice to reduce swelling, redness and pain for about 5 minutes. Ice is a quick and simple way to make the pimple somewhat smaller and less noticeable. Just don’t get too “ice happy” and leave it on your skin for too long or you could end up irritating your skin!

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