7 Glamorous Ways to Wear Gold ...


There are lots of glamorous ways to wear gold, and since it's a big trend right now and in the coming seasons, you may be looking for some new techniques.2

There's such a variety of shades, styles, and choices available, you can wear gold even if you've previously avoided it.

I'm one of those girls, since I'm so pale that yellow gold tends to wash out my skin and make me look sallow – at least in terms of jewelry.3

The thing is, I've got hazel eyes, and I've come to realize that gold makeup really makes them pop!

Even if you don't like gold rings and things, you can instead try gold clothing and accessories – you might just find a new favorite color!2

If you want to know how to wear gold in a way that works for you, check out these techniques!

1. Vivid Variations

Vivid Variations

Even if you're not a fan of standard shades, there are still lots of fantastic ways to wear gold with which to experiment.

Just play around with different variations and find something that complements your skin tone, your hair, or the color of your eyes.

For instance, keep it light by choosing a pretty, frosty champagne, or go more toward bronze if you prefer darker colors.

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