Hair Removal ❌Mistakes❌ You Could Be🤔 Making for Girls with Hair Troubles😩🚿💈 ...


Being hairless is a primary goal of most women! Smooth, supple, glowing skin is👌🏼! However, if you struggle with razor burn and skin irritations of the like, you might be making some common hair removal mistakes! Keep reading to know what you need to avoid next time you get rid pesky stubble, either by shaving or waxing.

1. Forgetting to Exfoliate 😭

Exfoliating your skin before any hair removal process will greatly reduce your chances of getting ingrown hairs. Gentle exfoliation removes dead skin and dirt and oils, which clog the hair follicles after a shave or wax. Also remember to use a dry skin moisturizer before and after any hair removal process!

Shaving While Taking a Bath 💦🛁
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