7 Heatwave Essentials Every Girl Should Own ...


What are your heatwave essentials? Similarl to summer essentials, heatwave essentials are things you turn to when the weather is hot – and you don’t have time to pack your entire wardrobe. Ideally, they should all fit into your summer bag, too, which makes this no easy feat. I’ve been narrowing down my options – I’ve had thousands of emails asking for my list this week! – and here’s what I’ve come up with. What have I forgotten?!

1. Sun Cream

Yes, it’s boring, but suncream is definitely one of my heatwave essentials. I can burn by just looking at the sun the wrong way! I’ve fallen in love with Ambre Solaire Golden Protect this year, which is easy to apply and features monoi oil that gives your skin a shimmer and makes you look illuminated. I’ve got bottles EVERYWHERE.

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