8 Helpful Beauty Tips for Sensitive Eyes ...


Having sensitive eyes can sometimes limit our use of certain beauty products, so I’ve rounded up some helpful beauty tips for sensitive eyes!

Most of the time we think of mascara as the main culprit behind our irritated eyes but there are other products that can equally bother sensitive eyes.

If you're looking for some simple makeup, skin care and beauty tips for sensitive eyes, keep reading below!

1. Forget Fibers

Generally, beauty tips for sensitive eyes will discourage the use of fiber mascaras.

Fiber mascaras use fibers to lengthen lashes, which can fall into your eyes and irritate them.

If you’re determined to have lengthened lashes, consider switching to lengthening mascaras (without fibers) or try volumizing mascaras.2

Both formulas emphasize lashes and really help lashes stand out!

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