The Hottest πŸ”₯ Clean 🌱 Beauty πŸ’‹ Trends in 2018 πŸ—“ ...


Are you looking for the hottest clean beauty trends in 2018?

As we leave 2017 in the distance, so too do we leave all of the fads and trends that arrived in the world of fashion and beauty over those last twelve months.2

However, it wouldn’t be the industry that it is without a whole new heap of trends coming in for the year to come, and this year it looks like its going to be all about clean beauty.

This is a movement towards products that are as kind for your body and for the environment as possible, so with no further ado let’s get in to to the hottest clean beauty trends in 2018.

1. Anti-Pollution Skincare

One of the hottest clean beauty trends in 2018 is anti-pollution products.

Not only is pollution bad for your internal health, it’s also bad for your skin.

Visible facial aging, especially premature aging, is something that we all want to prevent, so it’s no wonder that anti-pollution products are going to be big in 2018.2

Things like cleansers, face masks, and SPF based items are all going to be leading the charge when it comes to what it the most popular clean beauty product group this year.

Oil Cleansers
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