How to Get Instagram-Worthy πŸ“± Eyebrows 😯 ...


You've seen plenty of women rocking Instagram eyebrows, even if you haven't realized it. They're basically when a woman's eyebrows look like they're thick on the ends and thin in the middle. Some people are complaining about this trend, but other people are trying to master it. If you're a fan, here are a few tips for getting Instagram eyebrows:

1. Make Them Appear Ombre

You've seen gorgeous girls with ombre hair, ombre nails, and ombre lips. Well, Instagram eyebrows are basically ombre eyebrows. That's why you need to make them look faint toward the middle (in the area above your nose) and thick and dark at the ends (where they taper off). That means you should only fill them in toward the ends.

Trim the Actual Hairs Shorter with Scissors
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