How to Smell Super Fresh 🌺 when It's Hot 🔥 outside 🌴 ...


The warm weather is a glorious thing, but all that heat can make you hot and sweaty, which can leave you smelling a little ripe.

When that happens, you probably feel self-conscious and icky.

I know how that’s how it makes me feel.

You aren’t doomed to the stink though because there are several easy things you can do to smell fresh and clean even when the temperature outside is soaring higher and higher.

1. Choose Musk over a Strong Perfume

Nothing is worse when it’s boiling outside than a whiff of BO mixed with a super strong perfume.

For that reason, you’re probably better off choosing a subtle musk when you plan to be outside in the heat.

Dab it behind your ears and on the backs of your knees and the scent will help mask sweaty stink, but won’t be so nasty if they mix together.

2. Use a Roller Ball Perfume in Your Armpits

Of course you don’t want to skip the deodorant or antiperspirant, but adding a bit of roller ball perfume to the mix can help cover up a sweaty smell if it happens.

Again, don’t choose something really strong or intense smelling.

A subtle scent is way better and just a small dab is all you need to keep sweat smelling fresh.

3. Wash Your Clothes with Fabric Softener

When you start a hot summer day with clothes that already have a fresh delicious scent, you have already taken a first step toward smelling great, no matter how sweaty you get.

Fabric softener leaves each garment with a yummy fresh smell that can easily cover up a little bit of body odor.

4. Use Beauty Products from a Set

When it’s really hot outside, avoid using a bunch of products with different scents.

When you get really hot and sweaty, all those smells are going to mix together and smell strong with a body odor undertone.

To avoid this, use lotion, body wash and hair products that all have the same scent.

That way you keep the warring smells under control and the stink at bay.

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