How to Stay Stylish While Camping in the Wild ...


I love camping, but I usually don’t look my best while I’m roughing it.

I tend to leave the make-up at home and wear clothes I’m not worried about ruining.

Whether you’ve been camping your entire life or this will be your first time, you don’t have to look your worst.

There are some easy things you can do to stay looking your fabulous best even if you are spending your nights around a campfire and your days hiking in the woods.

1. Wear Cute Exercise Gear with Stylish Running Shoes

You’ll be comfortable for lounging and hiking in your workout wear and your tennis shoes will protect your feet from thorns and prickles.

Choose dark colors so that dirt and grime don’t show and don’t wear your brand new expensive gear because there is a chance that it won’t come back looking so pristine.

Matching sets are ideal because you’ll feel more like yourself if you coordinate.2

Bring along a Bottle of Dry Shampoo
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