How to πŸ“™ Tame Your Brows for Women Who do Not Want to Pluck βœ‚οΈ ...


Making your eyebrows thinner isn't always the answer.

You don't want to pluck them so often that you end up with two small lines on your forehead.

Sometimes, when your brows look a little off, all you have to do is tame them to prevent them from sticking up at odd angles.

In order to do that, here are a few different ways to tame your eyebrows without plucking them:

1. Use an Eyebrow Brush

Eyebrow brushes are built to tame your eyebrows.

All you need to do is take one and use it to brush your hairs up and out.

It's a quick fix, but it probably won't last all day long.

That's why you should keep your brush in your pocketbook with you, so you can fix your brows whenever you visit the bathroom.2

If that sounds like to much work for you, then you can always use a product that will keep your brows in place.

2. Use Clear Lip Gloss

One of the best products to use after you fix your brows with your brush is clear lip gloss.

Even though it sounds gross to use lipgloss on anything other than your lips, it's a great product to place on your brows when you don't have anything else in your makeup bag.

Just run it over your brows and they should stay in place all day long.

3. Use Hairspray

If you're not comfortable using lip gloss on your brows, there are plenty of alternatives.

Since you probably have access to hairspray, you can spray some on your fingertips and then run those fingertips over your brows.2

Just don't spray the hairspray directly on your brows, because you could end up getting harmful chemicals in your eyes.

4. Use Brow-Taming Gel

The best product to use on your brows is a product that's actually meant to be used on your brows.

Head to any beauty shop and you should be able to find a brow-taming gel.

It works just like lipgloss or hairspray would--you just rub it over your hairs.

Use Beeswax and Castor Oil
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