3. Accidents Happen when Doing Your Eyebrows

There may be chances for accidental creation of gaps in your eyebrows by tweezing. Therefore, you must be careful and focused while doing this. Perfect light is key, too. Also, when growing your eyebrows out, you will inevitably notice odd patches where the hair is still coming in. Find a shade of color that matches your eyebrows perfectly, and use that to fill in your problem areas.

This will give you a good look and hide the gaps that were created while tweezing. There are tips for eyebrow shaping which are available online. You can try them out. Use clear or colored eyebrow gels that can keep your brows in place. The brush you use for this purpose must look similar to the mascara brush. This brush is useful for you to comb your eyebrows in one direction.

To get thicker and bolder brows you may want to try dying your eyebrows . This will give you bolder look. You can try different colors for different shades before finding the exact perfect match for your complexion, face shape and hair color.

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