7 Incredible Transformations on YouTube ...


If you haven’t seen some of these incredibly impressive transformations on YouTube, you’re missing out! There are so many talented makeup artists who can transform themselves into a cartoon character or celebrity all by cleverly applying makeup and dressing up. If you’ve ever wanted to transform yourself into your favorite celebrity or want see someone make themselves over into a totally different person, you’ve got to see these transformations on YouTube; you will be amazed!

1. Beyoncé by Dope2111

Dope2111 or Promise Tamang Phan is one of the best at makeup transformations on YouTube! Although she’s done tons of celebrity and character transformations, this is definitely one of my favorites. She really thought of everything when it comes to this makeup transformation from the shape of Beyoncé’s nose to her eyebrows. Although Promise and Beyoncé look nothing alike in real life, she did a fantastic job at recreating her features and makeup!

Justin Bieber by Kandee Johnson
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