7 Incredibly Multi-Functioning Beauty Products ...


Multi-Functioning Beauty Products are essential for multi-tasking ladies who are on the run!

Iโ€™m always in a hurry, especially since I am definitely not a morning person!

These multi-functioning beauty products will help streamline your beauty routine and save you money by requiring you to buy fewer beauty products.

If you need some handy beauty gadgets, take a look!

1. Hello Kitty Big Pink Bow Perfume Ring to Go

Hello Kitty Big Pink Bow Perfume Ring to Go

Price: $29.00 at sephora.com

This multi-functioning beauty product is adorable and effective!

This Hello Kitty ring doubles as solid perfume for fragrance applications when youโ€™re on the go.

The ring contains Hello Kittyโ€™s signature scent, Big Pink Bow, that has a sweet tropical and floral smell to keep you fresh throughout the day.

The ring is gold and white and goes great with every outfit!

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