15 Innovative Beauty Products That'll Go Viral in 2017 ...


We're well into 2017 and you're probably looking for some innovative new beauty products to make this the best year yet.

Not everything is going to fit the bill, but you can bet that each and every beauty product on this list is one that gets rave reviews from girls in the know.

The products are also recommended by Bustle.com so you know they've got to be good.

Here's to going viral in 2017!

1. An Eye Palette with a Built-in Brush Cleaner

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Those days of of having to use a million brushes for your makeup are long gone.

This Vera Mona Lotus Palette has a black strip on top that's used for cleaning off excess shadow residue from your brush.

Beauty Tati raved about that feature in a recent video, and I have a feeling that once beauty brands recognize how convenient it is, they'll offer if in palettes in the following year.

$30.00 from Amazon

2. A Lipstick Made from Unicorn Tears

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Well, not really, but if unicorns were real, I bet their tears will closely resemble Too Faced's cult-favorite lipstick.

Many beauty lovers have seen makeup inspired by unicorns all over the Internet, and it's only going to get bigger next year.

So add this sparkly blueish-lavender lipstick to your shopping list.

$46.00 from Amazon

3. A Makeup Sponge That Resembles a Bra Insert


No, these aren't the chicken cutlets you wore with your prom dress, this is actually a makeup sponge.

YouTubers like Nikkie Tutorials gave in to the "Boobie Blender challenge," and found that it can actually work as well as a makeup sponge.

$14.00 from Amazon

Jeffree Starr likes it because it's more sanitary and doesn't absorb as much product as a typical makeup brush or sponge.

4. Eye Masks Infused with Retinol


Retinol creams are great for a plentitude of reasons, but up until now, using it for under eye areas was a no-no.

These Shiseido eye masks are changing the game with their retinol formula, perfect for targeting issues like sun damage.

Allure did some additional investigating reporting to confirm that they're indeed safe.

$68.00 from, Shiseido

A Cool Holographic Palette
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