7 Interesting Characteristics of a Dime ...


Women are often rated on a scale from one to ten, and I can’t help but wonder what are the characteristics of a dime.

What makes a woman a ten on the critical scale men have created to define us?

It may seem obvious that she's attractively satisfying to the opposite sex, but what makes her this way is what needs to be understood.

After reading and understanding these characteristics of a dime, you should no longer struggle in attracting the man you desire.

1. Healthy Hair

Of all the characteristics of a dime, I would assume hair is an essential determinant.

Clean, and not greasy, hair emulates hygiene.

Men adore women with beautiful hair that they ache to touch.

Don’t be afraid to rid yourself of the classic ponytail, and wear it down.

Men like variety, so show off a new hairstyle everyday.

Most importantly, if you dye your hair, don’t let your roots grow in three inches before getting a touch up.

It often appears trashy if your hair is unintentionally half blonde and half brown.

2. Clear, Glowing Skin

The best makeup tip I can give is to wear it as rarely as possible.

I hardly leave my house without makeup (I’m sure most of you are the same), but when I return home, I like to remove it and allow my skin to breathe.

The less often you wear makeup, the healthier your skin and pores will be.

Makeup remover pads are a quick and easy way to clear the dirt from your face.

Wash your face in the morning and before you go to bed, and if you’re feeling extra motivated, wear a face mask!

3. A Beautiful Smile

I’ve read countless times that the first attribute someone judges you on is your smile.

Brush when you wake up in the morning, after every meal, and before you go to sleep.

I’ve found that toothpastes with baking soda produce a pleasing result.

If you have a coffee or cigarette habit, I would highly suggest investing in some sort of whitening product.

Artificial whiteness isn't necessary, but it helps to pay attention to when your teeth are discoloring.

Be sure to moisturize your lips, and don’t be seen with them chapped!

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