8 Magnificent Tips for Using Mascara ...


Think you’ve heard all the tips for using mascara that you’ll ever need to know?

Well, I’ve got eight magnificent (yes, I just said magnificent) tips for using mascara that you might not even know about yet!

Yep, the beauty world is constantly discovering new ways to use and take advantage of this lash definer, so we’ve got to keep ourselves updated on the latest developments!

1. Black and Brown

One of the lesser known tips for using mascara is to use different colored mascara on your lashes.

Using black from the roots to the three quarters of the way up to the top, then coating the tips with brown mascara can make eyelashes looking longer and thicker.

Some makeup artists even prefer to coat the top lashes with black and the bottom with brown.

Try experimenting to see which works best for you!2

Layer Mascara
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