7 Photoshop Examples That Will Improve Your Body Image ...


It's no secret that the media industry has been using programs like Photoshop to edit and airbrush photos of models and celebrities to make them look perfect.

So perfect, in fact, that many times, the models and celebrities themselves don't look anything like their Photoshopped images!

I'm going to show you 7 Photoshop examples to improve your body image and remind you that most of what you see in the media isn't real.

1. Britney Spears = Post-Maternity

Britney Spears = Post-Maternity

In 2010 Britney Spears revealed her pre-Photoshop pictures alongside their digitally enhanced counterparts.

I truly give props to Britney for having the guts to do this.

It shows how much confidence she has in her body and that she loves her imperfections.

These images were taken after Britney had her sons and was working to whip her body back into shape.

She looks great!

But even still, the media had to make her waist and thighs even smaller.

To all the post-maternity Moms out there trying to whip themselves back into shape, don't look to magazines for inspiration.

2. Eva Longoria = Boyish Figure

Eva Longoria = Boyish Figure

Eva Longoria is gorgeous but has a boyish figure which some may find unappealing.

She is lacking some of the curves that most think make up the "perfect" female image.

In these photos she has clearly been given more curves to create a larger butt and smaller waist.

Her skinny arms are also airbrushed to not look as bony and her face, eyes, and hair are brightened and saturated.

To all you girls that have a slim or boyish figure, don't think you need curves to be gorgeous!2

Eva Longoria is beautiful with or without her fake Photoshop curves!

3. Britney Murphy = Facial Flaws

Britney Murphy = Facial Flaws

So sad to know that this gorgeous actress is no longer with us, but Britney Murphy's close-up photos show what a normal woman's face her age looks like before being Photoshopped.

In the digitally enhanced photo, Britney's skin is now smooth, the lines around her eyes and lips are removed, the bags under her eyes are gone, and her hair and eyes have been color saturated.

If you ever have those mornings where you look in the mirror and think you looks so worn out, remember that so do all the beautiful celebrities in Hollywood.

Madonna = Signs of Aging
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