Facial 👩 Thread Lifts 🤔: the Pros 👍 and Cons 👎 ...


I'm going to share the pros and cons of facial thread lifts. Getting older is inevitable, looking older...not so much. There's a long history of people doing all they can to slow down or reverse the changes that time exerts on our appearance. When lotions, potions, and injections aren't enough the gold star treatment has always been a facelift. Now there's an alternative. Think of a facial thread lift as 'facelift lite' and you're halfway to understanding it.

A thin thread is inserted under facial skin, this is then tightened to lift folds or lines and smooth the contours of the skin giving a more youthful appearance. Here are the pros and cons of facial thread lifts.

1. Pro: It's Quick

Typically the procedure takes less than an hour. Thread lifts have sometimes been referred to as 'the lunchtime facelift'.

Pro: Minimally Invasive
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