7 Reasons 2017 is the Year πŸ“† to Learn to Love Your Body πŸ’– ...


Okay let’s get real, at some point or another we all want to be taller, thinner, have a different color hair or a completely different body type. And as we look at other at fellow ladies we find ourselves becoming our own worst critics. Before we throw ourselves under the bus and begin to critique, let’s change our course and make 2017 the year to love your body. Let’s start treating our body the way it deserves to be treated with nourished food, exercise and comfortable yet stylish clothes. Let’s put our best foot forward and make this the year to love yourself from head to toe. Let me share with you the reasons why you just learn to love yourself.

1. You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful from your head to toe. Everything about you is perfect so be thankful for all your blessings. Stop looking at your arms wishing they were toned or wishing you had more agile nose. Appreciate everything about yourself and you will exude confidence!

You Are Unique
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