5 Reasons Not to Shave and Why Growing πŸ“ Your Body Hair 😱 Isn't a Bad πŸ˜– Thing ...


As a woman, you're probably looking for some good reasons not to shave.

Grow your body hair if you dare, ladies!

It’s not just a trend anymore, it’s a lifestyle choice.

It’s more than just a hippie thing and it’s closer to the divine feminine than you might realize.

And while some of you are already murmuring

"ewww, gross," remember that the history of shaving started with prostitutes who needed to keep pubic lice at bay as a precautionary measure taken for sexual health and a way to reel in the clients with hopes of having repeat visits.

While aesthetics tell the modern woman smooth legs, armpits, and bikini areas are attractive, this is a recent phenomenon and one that isn’t necessarily in our favor.

So here are your reasons not to shave.

1. Body Hair is Natural

More and more women are flocking to the natural look.


Because the way nature made us is just fine.

All our shapes, sizes, colors, even our imperfections, make us unique.

Why would we want to cover that up?

Same goes for our body hair.

The universe gave us body hair for a reason.2

Think pheromones, protection, and body temperature regulation.

Our ancestors were not worried about how long their leg hairs were.

Nope, they were busy birthing babies in the wild, grinding corn and wheat to feed their families, and adorning their bodies with beads and clay.

Natural isn’t a fad, it’s who we are.2

Get in touch with nature again and explore your inner and outer goddess and then keep reading for even more reasons not to shave.

2. Shaving Wastes Time (and $$$)

Showering can be a chore.

For those who find serenity in a shower, good for you.

But for many women, a shower is a place of routine which includes shaving and exfoliating and shampooing.

As if our lives aren’t already full of activity, we take the shower and turn it into a place of task rather than a moment to refresh and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

Not to mention, the amount of time we spend removing hair from every nook and cranny.

Pause for a moment.

Think about how much shaving annoys you.

Now think about all the products you buy to make that happen.

Not just razors, but shaving cream, Nair, tweezers, creams to smooth and soothe razor burn.

Yep, the beauty industry profits off our insecurities big time.

Learn to love your body hair.

Body Hair is Beautiful
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