2. Shaving Wastes Time (and $$$)

Showering can be a chore.

For those who find serenity in a shower, good for you.

But for many women, a shower is a place of routine which includes shaving and exfoliating and shampooing.

As if our lives aren’t already full of activity, we take the shower and turn it into a place of task rather than a moment to refresh and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

Not to mention, the amount of time we spend removing hair from every nook and cranny.2

Pause for a moment.

Think about how much shaving annoys you.

Now think about all the products you buy to make that happen.

Not just razors, but shaving cream, Nair, tweezers, creams to smooth and soothe razor burn.2

Yep, the beauty industry profits off our insecurities big time.

Learn to love your body hair.

Body Hair is Beautiful
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