3. Body Hair is Beautiful

Donโ€™t scoff or even wince.

Body hair is beautiful because nature makes no mistakes.

Flaunt whatever body hair you want.

And of course, body hair isnโ€™t limited to legs and armpits.

Let your arm hairs be free.

Ignore the brows on fleek trend and see how you feel.

Let your upper lip hairs have a moment in the sun.

Why do women spend so much time on vanity?

Not only is it unfair, but in comparison to the amount of time men spend on themselves, well, itโ€™s downright ridiculous.

Of course, pick and choose which body hair you want to grow, but experience it at least once in your life.

Youโ€™ll never know if you love your body hair if you donโ€™t first meet it face to face.

This might be a beautiful love affair after all.2

Shaving Hurts
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