4. Shaving Hurts

No matter what new razor or shaving product that pops up on the shelf, it doesnโ€™t erase the pain that is shaving.

Shaving hurts, period.

The struggle is about the act of shaving itself โ€“the nicks, the cuts, the razor bumps, the chaffing, the regret of the dry shave.

Itโ€™s all there and doing a nasty number on our bodies.

But the struggle is also about the positions we must hold to get that perfect shave.

Shaving feels like itโ€™s for the masochist.

Why else would we endure such torture if not for some sort of sexual gratification?

Put the razor down for a few days or weeks and see if you donโ€™t already feel the joys of being pain-free.

Relish freeing yourself from the chains of shaving.

Body Hair is Intuitive
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