5. Body Hair is Intuitive

Yep, your body hair has instincts.

Hair on the body, just like the head, stems from the nervous system.

In tribes, members often wear their hair long as an extension that flows into nature directly from the nervous systems.

Indigenous tribes of North America could hunt with unmatched skill, but once the US Army cut their hair, their ability to hunt diminished.

Women grow long hair to find a connection to Mother Earth.2

Why else did pagans have such unruly tendrils?2

Body hair allows us to pick up signals from the universe.

We become better informed about the world around us and about ourselves.

We are more than just bodies, we are energies, planets, and stardust.

In order to be in touch with those feelings, we must learn to let go of preconceived social norms about body hair and explore life on our own terms.2

Happy hair growing.

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