8 Reasons You Are Absolutely Beautiful ...


There are so many reasons you are beautiful – more reasons than you know. They have nothing to do with your makeup or manicures, your weight or your height, the clothes you wear or the handbags you carry. Knowing you're beautiful is so important for every woman – and for every man as well, for that matter. Beauty comes from within, and I guarantee you that every day, you unknowingly do dozens of different things that easily and effortlessly prove just how beautiful you really are. If you need a pick-me-up at any point, if you need some help believing in yourself, then keep reading to see exactly why you're beautiful, and revel in that beauty.

1. Your Smile

Your smile is just one of the reasons you are beautiful. It radiates all your warmth, kindness, and love. Whether it's a crooked grin, a mischievous smirk, or a wide, beaming smile, it is beautiful – and it reveals your inner beauty as well. Never hold back on your smiles, and remember that when you smile at someone else, you make their day and your own a little brighter.

Your Laugh
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