8 Secrets to Whiter Teeth ...


If you thought you’ve heard all the secrets to whiter teeth, I’ve got 8 more tips that’ll help make your smile whiter and brighter than ever! There are lots of reasons why we get stains or unevenly colored teeth, but that doesn’t mean we have to live with them! Having a clean, white smile makes us feel more confident, appear younger and helps us make a positive first impression. Check out these simple secrets to whiter teeth and show off your sweet smile!

1. Don’t over Brush

One of the lesser known secrets to whiter teeth and healthier, strong teeth overall is to avoid brushing too often and too hard. Brushing soon after every meal can scrub off the enamel on your teeth that has been softened by the acidic environment in your mouth from eating. Wait at least a half hour to an hour before brushing and always brush teeth softly.

Limit Wine, Coffee and Tea
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