9 Simple Tips to Your Softest and Smoothest Feet ...


Hello summer, warmer weather calls for flip flops, sandals and slingbacks that require us to bare our feet so I thought we could all use some tips for soft feet so we can kick off our shoes without shame and show off our soft and silky little piggies! Often times we neglect our feet until we’re facing our first pair of cute sandals for the season and realize that our heels are looking like a hot mess. Rather than getting caught at the last minute, keep these simple tips handy so you can enjoy soft and smooth feet all year long!

1. Ban Bare Feet

The first tip for soft feet involves forgoing bare feet. One might assume that going au naturel is the way to go, but walking around barefoot actually leads to fallen arches, not to mention making the skin on the bottom of your feet thick and hard! If you like going barefoot, limit the time you spend without shoes or slippers because going bare can also cause your heels to dry out and crack.

If the Shoe Fits
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