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Beauty artists really are artists. Photographs or paintings of the looks they perfect on themselves and scores of other beautiful people could easily hang in galleries and museums. These beauty artists, however, put their masterpieces on Instagram, so we can all see, admire, and perhaps even learn for free! Maybe it's because I suck at putting on makeup, but I love seeing what talented people can do. Here are the artists who routinely make me lose track of time as I scroll through my Insta feed. Feast your eyes on what they can do – because the world can always use a little more beauty, after all.

1. Pat McGrath

Follow here: @patmcgrathreal

Pat McGrath's talent is out of this world. She's turned out looks for goodness knows how many of your favorite celebs. Odds are if you've drooled over a red carpet makeup look, she's behind it.

Charlotte Tilbury
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