9 Strange Beauty Tips That Work ...


In the world of beauty, pretty much anything goes, which means there are plenty of strange beauty tips that work!

Over the centuries, women have tried everything from putting mayonnaise in their hair to toothpaste on their faces in the hopes that they would find a hidden beauty secret.

Not all of them have worked out so well, but some actually have!

So to save you some time (and embarrassment), here is a list of strange beauty tips that work!

1. Repair Dry Skin

The first item on our list of strange beauty tips that work helps with healing dry skin!

Believe it or not, diaper rash cream helps heal cracked elbows and feet!

Diaper rash cream has moisturizers and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help to hydrate and repair your skin.

Plus, it's manufactured to be delicate enough for a baby's skin, which makes it one of the best hydrators you can use.

2. Hair Static

Dryer sheets are a great way to help tame static hair when you're on the go!

Dryer sheets take static out quickly and leave your hair smelling great.

It's only a temporary fix though, so if it's a particularly dry winter day, be sure to stash a few in your purse!

Open the dryer sheet completely, grab a fairly large section of hair and run the sheet from the scalp to the bottom of the strand.

Some dryer sheet brands work better than others, so if you try one and it doesn't work well, try sprinkling a few drops of water on the sheet.2

3. Sunburn Relief

While aloe vera gel with lidocaine is the standard for sunburn treatment, this home remedy is cheaper, fairly effective, and doesn't involve smearing gel all over yourself.

To help in curing a sunburn, try taking a warm bath in very strong black tea.

The tannins in the tea will help take away the sting and swelling.

Tannic acid in the tea also draws the burn out of the skin and helps it heal!

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