7 Terrific Blush Application Tips by Face Shape ...

Want to learn some blush application tips by face shape?

I know weโ€™re frequently told to apply blush in one generic way but thatโ€™s just it-itโ€™s generic.

The way you apply your makeup can make a huge difference in the way you look.

Give the same products and tools to two different women and youโ€™ll probably see two drastically diverse looks.

Read up on these blush application tips by face shape to flatter your unique features!

1. Know Your Face Shape

Before getting into these blush application tips by face shape, do you know your face shape?

Sometimes face shape guides can be confusing because you might have a couple of features from a couple of different shapes.

If youโ€™ve always had a feeling but donโ€™t know for sure, try this quiz at beautyriot.com to see if it clarifies things.

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