The Adventurous Girl's Guide to Looking Outstanding Outdoors, Even in Summer ...


Just because you love to do all sorts of great stuff outdoors doesn’t mean you want to be as scruffy as a backwoodsman or not take care of your skin and body. You know the outdoors can be wild in more ways than one so if you want for some great tips for looking good while being adventurous, here they are:

1. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is your best friend when it comes to how to look good outdoors. Products are relatively cheap and play a huge part in you still looking fresh and fancy two, three, or even four days into you outdoor adventure. Dry shampoo helps to sap some of the grease and oils that will start to appear in your roots. A good tip is to apply it before you go to sleep and it will help to combat overnight greasiness. It also saves you worrying about going too long without a hair wash.

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