The Least Painful Places for a Tattoo ...


Getting a tattoo is going to hurt. There's no way around the pain. I mean, you're going to be letting a needle push itself into your skin again and again. However, the area you get your tattoo in will determine just how much pain you're going to feel. If you don't want to squirm while you're sitting in that tattoo chair, then you should think about getting your ink in one of these spots:

1. Your Thigh

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Your thighs should have more flesh than the rest of your legs, which is why it's one of the best places to get a tattoo. Just stick to the front or side of your thighs and avoid the inside of your thighs, which can definitely be painful. If you can't have any ink showing at work or during family events, this spot is perfect for you. When you have on pants, capris, or a pencil skirt, no one will be able to glimpse your tattoo. However, when you want it to be in view, you can put on some shorts or a mini skirt and show it off to the world.

Your Upper Back
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