10 Things You Need 💯 to do for LongLusciouss Lashes 👁👁 ...


Long lashes are something that most girls want, right?

Too bad little kids and men are the ones who get them most often, right?

My sons have the most fabulous lashes I’ve ever seen and it makes me so jealous.3

Turns out you can do some things to make your lashes longer and lusher.

Once you add these things to your routine, you will start to see better looking lashes in virtually no time at all.

1. Never Sleep with Eye Makeup on

hair, eyebrow, human hair color, face, nose,

Before you hit the sack each night, you should definitely be washing off all of your makeup.2

This keeps skin healthy and prevents breakouts.

However, removing eye shadow, liner and mascara is especially helpful for growing your lashes.

They need proper care and a chance to breathe so they stay healthy and long.

Start Brushing Your Eyelashes on a Regular Basis
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