Time to Come Clean! 9 Ways to Control Body Odor ...


Body odor is embarrassing.

It is also frustrating if you know you bathe every day and use anti-perspirant/deodorant religiously.

Anti-perspirant and perfumes only mask the odor - they do not prevent it.

For that you need to take positive actions like the following:

1. Wash Two Times if You Work in a Greasy or Dirty Environment

If you work in a fast food restaurant or you are a cleaner, or you work in a messy, dirty or greasy environment, then wash your skin twice when you take your shower or bath at night.

2. Some Medications Will Make You Stink

Before you start looking into ways to control body odor because it seems bad lately, consider the fact that your medication may be causing the problem.

Does this mean you have to stop using that medication?

NO it doesn’t.

The medication increases your body odor because of the biological compounds within the medication, so all you have to do is experiment with foods that counteract the smell produced.

Try eating garlic pills for three or four days and see if there is a difference.

You can also try butternut squash as a soup, bananas, chickpeas and dark chocolate.

Do not try them all at once.

There are more foods you can try if those do not work (Livestrong)2

3. Change Your Bedding Once per Week

Smelly bacteria will breed whenever possible.

Even if you have a shower in a morning you still have some of the bedroom bacteria on you and if it takes a foothold during the day you are going to increase your chances of smelling.

4. Be Very Careful about Wearing Clothes More than Once or Twice

Some people will wear the same jeans for two weeks, but if you prefer to smell less like boiled cauliflower and more like a human, then be careful if you choose to wear some clothes for more than two days - especially if they have direct contact with your skin.

Wear your jacket all month if you want, but your tops and underwear should be changed regularly.

Clean and do Not Cover
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