24 Tiny Tattoos 💉 That Are Perfect 👌🏼 for Petite Girls 💁🏽💁🏼💁🏿💁🏻 ...


I'm not a tiny girl, but I sure do love tiny tattoos!

And while they're ideal for anyone, they're especially sweet on petite girls, who of course don't have as large a canvas for body art as some of us (looking at, well, myself, for example).

Here are a few tiny tattoos I want to get, like, yesterday.

1. A Little Anchor

A Little Anchor

2. Outline


3. Serendipity


4. Ridi


5. Wee Arrow

Wee Arrow

6. The Sun & Moon

The Sun & Moon

7. Itsy Bitsy Waves

Itsy Bitsy Waves

8. Sleeping Panda

Sleeping Panda

9. Sweet Lil Birdie

Sweet Lil Birdie

10. Geometry


11. Darling Bow

Darling Bow

12. Sailboat


13. The Moon

The Moon

14. Tiny Heart

Tiny Heart

15. Little Flower

Little Flower

16. Braille


17. For the Fashionista

For the Fashionista

18. A Reminder

A Reminder

19. A Promise of Love

A Promise of Love

20. A Dainty Cross

A Dainty Cross

21. She Flies with Her Own Wings

She Flies with Her Own Wings

22. Harry Potter Stars

Harry Potter Stars

23. Slaying


24. Besties

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