8 Tips for Choosing the Right Nail Polish Color ...


Knowing how to choose the right nail polish color requires a little research, but it's pretty easy to come up with the perfect shade. Make no mistake, though: choosing the right nail polish color is important, because you want to complement your style, your skin tone, and even the shape of your hands. If you've got short fingers, for instance, you don't want a polish that makes them look stumpy, you want to elongate them. Don't worry, though, I've found everything you need to know for picking out the right nail polish!

1. Your Skin Tone

According to Become Gorgeous and many other sources, the most important thing you should know when discovering how to choose the right nail polish color involves your skin tone. There are generally hard and fast rules for picking out a color based on your skin tone. For instance, fairer skin looks best with dark colors, especially those that have a blue base. Medium skin tones fare well with dark red shades, while darker tones can carry just about any color.
Your Outfit
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