7 Tips on How to Look Pretty in Glasses ...


On average, one out of every two people will wear glasses at some point in their lives, so it doesn't hurt to know how to look pretty in glasses!

I feel like glasses often get a bad rap when, in fact, they've been slowly coming back into style lately.

Glasses are a great way to help you feel smart, sassy, and sophisticated, so whether you voluntarily wear glasses or need them in order to see, wear them proudly!

To rise to your glasses wearing potential, here are 7 tips on how to look pretty in glasses!

1. Keep Your Eyebrows Groomed

This is one of the biggest tips to consider for how to look pretty in glasses.

Keeping your eyebrows neat and well-shaped is a must because they will be highlighted even more by your glasses.

So, whether you decide to DIY or see a stylist, don’t forget to keep your eyebrows clean and well groomed!

You can even fill in any gaps with a brow powder or pencil.

In between waxes, be sure to pluck those stray hairs and keep that unibrow at bay!

2. Concealer

It's a sad truth, but women who wear glasses need to learn the importance of concealer.

Unfortunately, glasses tend to highlight any dark circles, wrinkles or imperfections under your eyes.

To avoid this, lightly dot concealer on dark circles and blemishes.

Then, gently blend in your concealer with a makeup sponge.

When doing this, make sure to not tug on your under eye skin, as this skin can be easily damaged.

3. Curl Your Lashes

There is nothing more annoying than having long, beautiful eyelashes that keep hitting against your glasses with every blink.

To fix this problem, simply try curling your lashes.

Not only will it keep your lashes up, but it'll also open your eyes, giving you that "wide-awake" look.2

You should also try using a volumizing mascara rather than a lengthening one, as the latter can smudge onto your glasses.

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