Diana Trotter

10 Top Tips for Applying Quick Makeup...

Whether it's for a blind date, your big day, going out with some friends, or even just wearing it to go to school or work, every woman in some time in her life will wear makeup, but sometimes it can be too time consuming to deal with. Guest blogger Karien from Beauty Ramp is here today to share with us 10 Top Tips for Applying Quick Makeup for those days when you are running out the door but would still would like to look your best...

Top 10 Tips To Get A Quick Makeup: When you have no time to look presentable!

Make up is essential for women who want to look well groomed and elegant. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to spend much time on make up because of time constraint. When you need to look presentable in a short space of time, just before an appointment there are a few simple tricks to follow so that you look radiant. Here are a few simple tricks when you are rushed for time and still need to look presentable.

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