9. Butter LONDON Glazen Eye Gloss in Mermaid

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Granted this product and the one following are more mermaid-related, but ask any unicorn beauty expert and they'll tell you the trends derived from the two mythical creatures are deeply intertwined. A little bit metallic, a little bit mermaid tail scale-ish, this brand new icy greyish-blueish-greenish eyegloss from butter London, a brand usually known for their addictive nail polish, is the perfect example. While the formulation might look heavy and sticky, it's actually a whipped texture, starting off with a lightweight gel feel and drying on the lids almost immediately. We're calling this now: you'll see the contents of this tiny jar all over the spring red carpet events in the coming months ($24, ulta.com).

ARROJO’s American Wave Glint Texture & Shine Spray
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