7 Unusual Alternatives to Blotting Papers That Work Just as Well ...


There are some great alternatives to blotting paper that are much cheaper than the oil-absorbing sheets. Some of these alternatives are also great for when you run out of your blotting papers since you can find them at home or at work. However, you might think that some of them are rather unusual, and a few of them do require a little work to make them purse-ready. Here's a look at these alternatives to blotting paper:

1. Toilet Seat Covers

This is definitely one of the weirdest alternatives to blotting paper. Most of us wouldn't want to put something sitting next to a public toilet on our face, but you can always discard the first toilet seat cover that you pull out. It's the one that's been the most exposed to all those toilet water particles getting sprayed in the air. You could also stuff a few seat covers in your purse to bring home with you, but there are a few better alternatives that don't have the same ick factor. Toilet seat covers are probably best to use only when you experience an oil slick emergency.

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