7. Random Products That Double as Something else

But there are tons of other multipurpose beauty products that could help you de-clutter your bag!

Right shades of eye shadows can double as bronzers, blushes or illuminators and even be used for contouring.

Same thing applies and vice versa which, of course, means that your bronzer or illuminator can prove to be a fantastic eye shadow replacement.

Lipstick can be used instead of a cream blush (we’re already established that) but a cream blush can double as lipstick too and looks especially great when paired with a clear gloss or a chap stick!

Lash comb won’t only separate your lashes, making them look longer and more voluminous but can also curl them a bit if used wisely!2

Run it through your lashes without waiting for mascara to dry, stop at the middle and gently roll the comb to get that seductive curve.

Hold them in that position a few moments while the mascara dries and voila!2

Who knew there are so many multipurpose beauty products out there!

Amazing, isn’t it?

You could get stranded on a desert island with nothing but your basic kit and still be able to pull off your best red carpet-worthy look should Friday and his posse decide to throw you a party!

Do you have any other suggestions?

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