8 Ways to Attract People ...


The law of attraction is a complex issue, and there are many more ways to attract people than just by our looks alone.

The great part is, we can all have the ability to attract others when we know what the best ways to attract people are.

Society has taught us, especially women, that sex appeal equals attractiveness.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

Of course sex appeal enters into the equation at some point, but overall, attraction is a chemistry-based science we can all master with the right knowledge.

Read on to find my list of the 8 best ways to attract people and let me know what you think!

1. Smile

Such a simple action, yet one of the best ways to attract people is to simply smile!

A fake smile is not attractive, so don’t walk around with a fake grin on your face all day, but do find more things to smile about.

For instance, noticing small things around you that you appreciate or enjoy, or thinking of positive things in your life can help you smile more and generally appear happier to others.

When someone greets you, smile at them and say hello.

When you encounter a stranger at the grocery store checkout, your favorite store, through the drive-thru, or passing on the street, smile at them and say hi.

The act is not a hard one, but many of us are so focused on ourselves, we forget how we subconsciously treat others through our facial expressions.

Smiling more helps you appear more attractive, no matter what you’re wearing, how your hair looks, or if you've got a breakout on your face.

That’s a beauty recommendation we can all manage.

2. Walk with Confidence

One of my favorite quotes is by Oscar de la Renta, who said, “Walk like you’ve got three men behind you.” This is a fun little reminder that we ladies need to walk with confidence, like we own the room.

This is not meant to imply we need to appear cocky or over the top.2

It simply means we need to walk with our heads held high, our shoulders back and torso tall, and of course, sway your hips when you walk.

Nothing appears more attractive to others than a woman who walks with confidence and grace.

Own the room you walk into and enter with a confident, graceful stride.

Almost nothing is more attractive to strangers, or makes a greater first impression.

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